Bham Rescue Success Stories (Feb 2017, Frank and Munchkin)


Name of Dog: Frank and Munchkin

Type of Breed: Dachshunds

Age When Rescued: Frank- 1 year; Munchkin- 1 ½ years

Current Age: Frank- 3 and Munchkin- Almost 4

Rescue Organization: Munchkin was rescued through a foster program, and Frank was rescued from the Animal Protection and Welfare Society.


Backstory: Frank was found wandering at a foster home, and Munchkin was surrendered by his owners because their English bulldog did not like him.  Munchkin was rescued first. He had severe separation anxiety when my husband and I would be at work during the day. He had so much anxiety that he would chew up anything that could shred easily. I truly believe that he thought we weren’t coming back, and it absolutely broke my heart to leave him every day.  As soon as we rescued Frank and they met for the first time, it was brotherly love at first sight!  Frank was there to keep Munchkin company during the day, until my husband was able to start working from home. Frank was exactly what Munchkin needed and they were both exactly what my husband and I needed.  Now, they are inseparable!


Life After Rescue:  Munchkin and Frank are really the center of our lives and they definitely know it!  They sleep in bed with us, because there really is no alternative for a dachshund! Munchkin and Frank enjoy being outside, digging and chasing tennis balls. They love bones, cuddling, walks, and begging for food!  They are also the inspiration behind my Etsy store, Wiener Brothers Co, where I design clothing for wiener dogs and their humans. They really have been an inspiration for us and really complete our little family. I can’t imagine life without them!


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Bham Rescue Success Stories (Nov 2016, Kermit)

Name of Dog: Kermit


Type of Breed: Lab mix

Age When Rescued: 10 weeks


Current Age: 1 year 7 months

Rescue Organization: Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Backstory:  I was never really a dog person, but my husband’s uncle has two of the cutest French Bulldogs.  I fell in love with them and wanted to get a Frenchie of our own. I thought the perfect name for a French Bulldog, with their squishy faces, would be Kermit. So I started saving money to buy one from a breeder. We talked about one day getting “a Kermit” for our family.

Three months before I moved to Birmingham to be with my husband (then fiancé), I visited him for a long weekend. He took me to the GBHS to see some dogs in order to try and change my mind on spending thousands on a Frenchie. I saw so many sweet dogs who just needed a chance in their own home, and I knew we had to adopt.

I moved to Birmingham on June 29, 2015. On July 2, we went back to the humane society. We saw a small, brown puppy named Bartholomew staring at us through the glass in his kennel. He was only 10 weeks and had a slight skin condition-he was missing most of his hair on his right side. Not too much was known about his past except that he was probably born in mid-April to a stray. He was brought to the GBHS in late June and had been up for adoption for about two weeks. He was so playful and sweet.  We knew he was meant to be in our family. We took him home that day. His eyes were so expressive and he just looked like a Kermit so we decided to keep that as his name.

Life After Rescue:  Kermit is our first dog and he is such a character! He’s weirdly skittish about many things, especially large bags of leaves/trash. He didn’t bark until he was about 5 months old.  Now, he is constantly barking to alert us to potential intruders or to leaves falling on the ground. He loves food and waits patiently for handouts (mainly tomatoes and peppers) while we cook dinner.  Kermit loves to be social with people and dogs. We love taking him out around Birmingham to parks, restaurants, and breweries. We’re always looking for dog-friendly activities! I thought all dogs loved to cuddle but Kermit has never been one to snuggle close, so those moments when he lays his head on me in bed are precious.

Some people thought we were crazy to adopt a dog so soon after moving to a new city, but having Kermit has helped tremendously. My husband is from the area, but it was all brand new to me. Kermit has helped me get out of the house on walks and helped me meet new people (and their dogs). He has definitely changed my life for the better. Kermit turned me into a “crazy dog lady.” I have since started volunteering at the GBHS and would love to foster dogs in the (hopefully near) future.



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5 Bham Dogs That Are Ready For Fall

We don’t know about y’all, but we love fall.  That cool, crisp air and colorful leaves just warms our hearts. Living in Alabama, we know that “fall” doesn’t start until November…maybe.  Mother Nature has definitely been teasing us with somewhat cooler weather but not enough to breakout our scarves and heavy sweaters.  Needless to say, these Bham dogs are ready for fall.

1. Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins! Hmm, I wonder if we can turn these pumpkins into pumpkin spice lattes?  Fairy Godmother where are you…


2. Hey, hoomans! Don’t y’all just want to make some cocoa, watch Netflix, and snuggle!



3. This trail is awesome!  Look at the beautiful leaves.  C’mon hooman, let’s keep hiking!



4. Hey hooman, do I look like a lumberjack in this plaid?!



5. All these leaves for me?! 








Bham Rescue Success Stories (Oct 2016, Piper)

Name:  Piper


Type of Breed: Dutch Shepherd mix

Age When Rescued: about 4 months old

Current Age: 2.5 years old

Rescue Organization: Two by Two Rescue

Backstory: Piper, formerly known as Marilyn, was rescued by Two by Two and fostered by a wonderful family. She was found crawling out of a trench covered in fleas and ticks and taken to her foster moms.  Many of the ticks had to be surgically removed as they were deeply embedded in her skin.


The day we adopted Piper!

Life After Rescue:  It took Piper about a month or so to get use to everything at our house. When we first brought her home, she was definitely afraid/nervous about her surroundings.  She was even afraid of getting in the car (which is now one of her favorite activities).  It was sad to see her so scared and even made us doubt our decision.  However, we decided to stick with our decision and just show her continuos love.  Needless to say, love won!  She is an amazing part of our lives. She is loyal, calm, and happy.  Her favorite activities are going on car rides, vacationing, sunbeams, and showing off her favorite sports teams. She loves other dogs but not so much other humans.  It takes her a long while to warm up to them.  We love our little Piper and couldn’t imagine our lives without her in it.


Piper loves vacations!

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Birmingham Dog-Friendly Patios

Dog Friendly Restaurants

We asked our Instagram followers to tell us their favorite dog-friendly eateries around town. Below, we have compiled a list of their responses.  Please keep in mind that this list is based on the responses of our followers.  We cannot guarantee that all restaurants listed below have a dog-friendly atmosphere.  You should call, email, Facebook, or Tweet to confirm your furbaby is still welcomed on their patio.  Also, feel free to keep us updated so we can add/remove restaurants on the list.

Although the breweries are not mentioned below, they all have a dog-friendly atmosphere. (Good People, Trim Tab, Avondale, and Cahaba)

If you are looking for us to feature your dog-friendly patio or pawtner with us on a dog event, contact us at

Avondale: Hotbox, Melt

Downtown: Catina Tortilla Grill, Carrigan’s Public House, Paramount, Trattoria Centrale

Highland: Rojo

Lakeview District: Babalu, FIVE, Moe’s BBQ, On Tap Sports Cafe, Slice Pizza & Brew

Southside: Black Market Bar & Grill, Cosmo’s Pizza


280: Big Bad Breakfast

Cahaba Heights: Food Bar, The Olive Branch

Homewood: Jackson’s Bar & Bistro, La Bamba, Saw’s BBQ, Urban Cookhouse

Hoover: Baha Burger, The Boot’s, Brixx Wood Fired PizzaRagtime Cafe, Vecchia Pizzeria & Mercato

Mountain Brook: Chez Lulu, Mafiaoza, Otey’s Tavern

Vestavia: Diplomat Deli

Finding Lily, Part III: Bonus Tips

We would like to thank Sarah and Allan for putting together this series (Click here for Part I and Part II). We hope that this information will be able to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation with a missing dog. For our final post in the series, we are sharing bonus tips that Sarah and Allan have provided to all of our readers.

Bonus Tips:

  • Carry a photo of the dog and ask everyone in the area if they’ve seen it.
  • Talk to the valets! They are outside all day and if your dog walks by, they’ll see it.
  • Create a mass text message for everyone involved in the search party. This will insure that everyone has the latest info and help everyone to stay fanned out.
  • Create a line of searchers stationed at every other block and walk as a unit down every street, looking up and down each avenue all at the same time.
  • Leave an article of your used clothing at the door of your building in case your dog does find its way back to your building by scenting.
  • Extensively search any area of town that your dog is familiar with.
  • Don’t just look up and down the streets, look next to buildings, around bushes, air conditioner units, parking decks, or anywhere else the animal could take shelter.

Sarah and Allan Woodall are local artists and animal lovers. You might know Sarah from her series This is Birmingham, a collection of paintings, prints, t-shirts, and gifts featuring pop art paintings of the Birmingham skyline. You might know Allan from his weekly series Spatter Beasts, a collection of monster illustrations created from splattered ink, or from his famous Sloths Furnace t-shirts. You can find their art in their online stores at and

Finding Lily, Part 2: How Lily Was Found

Yesterday, we discussed the background of how Lily became lost. Today, we are going to focus on tips and techniques on finding your lost dog based on our experiences on how we found Lily through Community, Prayer, Relentlessness, and Scenting.

(1) Community

Never underestimate the power of a united community. The people of Birmingham are the reason why we have our dog with us today. There are two ways to utilize your community. First, contact all of your family and friends who live in the area. We are extremely blessed to have some amazing people in our lives, because our family and friends hit the streets the moment we called them and they didn’t go home until we found our dog. The key is to have as many people out looking as possible. Second, social media, social media, social media! Social media is an unparalleled community resource. Make a lost dog flyer and post it anywhere you can online. Then beg everyone else to post the flyer anywhere they can. Use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,, and every lost pet website there is. *The key to posting missing dog flyers on social media is to keep them updated. Any time we had new information about Lily’s location I would create a new flyer so everyone would have live reports on her whereabouts. We have some great community social media accounts like Dogs of Bham, Instagram Bham, Buy Local Alabama, Discover Birmingham, James Spann, and Scott (Reg) Register just to name a few. The people who run these accounts were a catalyst to a social media takeover for our dog-hunt. One person told me that Lily was the most sought after dog in Birmingham, and I believe it! But here’s the amazing thing: people—friends and strangers alike—saw the flyers and actually went out to help us look! They spent hours of their day on foot, in their cars, and on their bikes helping us search. Allan and I would like to thank those people again—from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Lily Flyer

Example of flyer (included contact info and where Lily was last spotted).

(2) Prayer

When you lose something you love you find yourself praying a lot, if you’re a person of faith. We began every day of our search by asking God to give us wisdom on where to look for Lily, and to guide us in the right direction. We asked God to calm our anxious and worried hearts and to keep Lily calm, safe, and alert. I honestly believe that God heard and answered our prayers. When we found Lily she didn’t have a scratch on her. She dodged cars for three rush hours and spent four nights on her own downtown. God knows our hearts and He hears our prayers!

(3) Relentlessness

A very important key to finding your lost dog is relentlessness. It’s physically and mentally exhausting to conduct a several day dog-hunt, but you have to do it. If your dog is lost in the city it isn’t going to just wander back to your building and sit on the sidewalk waiting for you to pop outside and spot it. They’re going to be on the move and you’ve got to go find them. Maybe if you live on a lot of land or in a low-traffic neighborhood, you can rely on your dog’s sense of smell and on flyers to find your pooch, but every minute that your dog is lost in a city is even more dangerous. Allan and I spent every waking moment looking for Lily from Thursday night to Monday morning. Take a vacation day from work if you have to. Take two. Do whatever it takes. Establish a team to help you. You will need to spend all of your time outside so your dog can smell you, see you, and hear you. Ask someone else to be in charge of calling local shelters and vets. Ask another person to be in charge of updating social media. Ask a third person to make copies of your flyers for distribution. You should delegate as many tasks as you can. That will free you up to spend your time out on the street searching. If the sun is up, it’s your responsibility to be looking for your lost dog.

(4) Scenting

Finally, the magic trick: scenting! Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Once we had a good idea of where Lily was camped out we set up a little hub that we hoped to lure her to. There was a patch of pine straw next to some air conditioner units where she was seen over the weekend. We put one of my unwashed sweatshirts in the pine straw along with a pair of my used socks. Clothing that smells strongly of you is key. We also set out a large bowl of water, but no food. We didn’t want any other animals to be drawn to the food and risk Lily losing control of the territory. Finally, we marked the area with urine. We had our other pup pee all around the area to establish her scent for Lily. Then we sprinkled my husband’s urine all around the area. We also made trails of the urine coming from all directions, leading to the hub we built for her. Yes, we were the ones walking around Southside with the water bottles full of urine. But I would do it again 100 more times if I had to, because it brought Lily home! The next morning as the sun was rising, we drove over to the spot and there she was, sleeping! Right in the spot we built for her! Once she saw us she ran right to us and has been cuddled up next to us ever since.

Lily is found!  This photo was taken right after Sarah and Allan found Lily.

Lily is found! This photo was taken right after Sarah and Allan found Lily.

Lily + Sarah

Lily + Sarah

Finding Lily 4

The process of finding your lost dog is an exhausting one, but it’s so rewarding. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope. Your dog wants to be found and is out there somewhere waiting for you to come get it. All of your hard work will be well worth it once that fur-baby is back in your loving arms!

Tomorrow, we will share the last post in the “Finding Lily” series.

Sarah and Allan Woodall are local artists and animal lovers. You might know Sarah from her series This is Birmingham, a collection of paintings, prints, t-shirts, and gifts featuring pop art paintings of the Birmingham skyline. You might know Allan from his weekly series Spatter Beasts, a collection of monster illustrations created from splattered ink, or from his famous Sloths Furnace t-shirts. You can find their art in their online stores at and

Finding Lily, Part I: The Background

Hello, everyone! Sarah Woodall here. I’ve been asked by the creators of Dogs of Bham to write a guest post on how to find your lost dog in the big city. I’m sad to say that I have firsthand experience in losing a dog in downtown Birmingham. But, it is with tremendous amounts of joy and thankfulness that I can say that I also have firsthand experience in FINDING a lost dog in Birmingham! I would like to share with you fellow dog parents some really great tips and techniques that my husband and I learned during our four-day search for our beautiful Lily.

Meet Lily!

Meet Lily!

Here is the short story of how she became lost: I took her out to potty in the courtyard of our building. Like we always do, I let her off her leash to give her some space. She’s a very loyal and obedient dog, so it’s never been an issue. Foolishly, I forgot to check that the back gate was completely closed. (Ouch!) Lily is an extremely skittish rescue dog who has a hard time trusting anyone she doesn’t know. So when a rambunctious little neighbor puppy came into the courtyard and attempted to engage Lily in some rough housing, she panicked and bolted. It was rush hour and raining and I was obviously panicking. My husband and I, along with some wonderful friends and family members, spent hours searching for Lily that night, to no avail. We searched until midnight or so before finally having to give up for the night. We spent the next three days straight conducting a full on search and rescue mission to find our lost and scared dog.

There were many times that it felt like we were searching for a needle in a haystack, or as my best friend said, it felt like we were tracking a unicorn. But don’t give up hope! Your dog CAN be found and there are tricks to finding them. There are four things to which I attribute to us finding Lily: Community, Prayer, Relentlessness, and Scenting.

Tomorrow, we will dive into these four topics. Stay tuned!

Sarah and Allan Woodall are local artists and animal lovers. You might know Sarah from her series This is Birmingham, a collection of paintings, prints, t-shirts, and gifts featuring pop art paintings of the Birmingham skyline. You might know Allan from his weekly series Spatter Beasts, a collection of monster illustrations created from splattered ink, or from his famous Sloths Furnace t-shirts. You can find their art in their online stores at and

Ringo’s Donation to Two by Two Rescue

Two by Two Animal Rescue is a non-profit, no kill organization based in Helena, AL.  As of right now, they do not have a facility so they rely on generous donations, fundraising, and the open homes of their foster families.  They are a group of wonderful people who are doing amazing things for the dogs in our community.

Yesterday, Dogs of Bham founder, Lexi, and her dog Ringo (also know as happy__ringo) presented Two by Two with a generous donation of $500 he earned through Dogly.  Dogly is an app which helps you earn grants for your local rescue or animal shelter.


Being able to help local organizations means a great deal to us at Dogs of Bham, it was awesome being able to give back to people who give so much of their time and lives to help dogs in our community.