Finding Lily, Part III: Bonus Tips

We would like to thank Sarah and Allan for putting together this series (Click here for Part I and Part II). We hope that this information will be able to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation with a missing dog. For our final post in the series, we are sharing bonus tips that Sarah and Allan have provided to all of our readers.

Bonus Tips:

  • Carry a photo of the dog and ask everyone in the area if they’ve seen it.
  • Talk to the valets! They are outside all day and if your dog walks by, they’ll see it.
  • Create a mass text message for everyone involved in the search party. This will insure that everyone has the latest info and help everyone to stay fanned out.
  • Create a line of searchers stationed at every other block and walk as a unit down every street, looking up and down each avenue all at the same time.
  • Leave an article of your used clothing at the door of your building in case your dog does find its way back to your building by scenting.
  • Extensively search any area of town that your dog is familiar with.
  • Don’t just look up and down the streets, look next to buildings, around bushes, air conditioner units, parking decks, or anywhere else the animal could take shelter.

Sarah and Allan Woodall are local artists and animal lovers. You might know Sarah from her series This is Birmingham, a collection of paintings, prints, t-shirts, and gifts featuring pop art paintings of the Birmingham skyline. You might know Allan from his weekly series Spatter Beasts, a collection of monster illustrations created from splattered ink, or from his famous Sloths Furnace t-shirts. You can find their art in their online stores at and


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