Bham Rescue Success Stories (Nov 2016, Kermit)

Name of Dog: Kermit


Type of Breed: Lab mix

Age When Rescued: 10 weeks


Current Age: 1 year 7 months

Rescue Organization: Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Backstory:  I was never really a dog person, but my husband’s uncle has two of the cutest French Bulldogs.  I fell in love with them and wanted to get a Frenchie of our own. I thought the perfect name for a French Bulldog, with their squishy faces, would be Kermit. So I started saving money to buy one from a breeder. We talked about one day getting “a Kermit” for our family.

Three months before I moved to Birmingham to be with my husband (then fiancé), I visited him for a long weekend. He took me to the GBHS to see some dogs in order to try and change my mind on spending thousands on a Frenchie. I saw so many sweet dogs who just needed a chance in their own home, and I knew we had to adopt.

I moved to Birmingham on June 29, 2015. On July 2, we went back to the humane society. We saw a small, brown puppy named Bartholomew staring at us through the glass in his kennel. He was only 10 weeks and had a slight skin condition-he was missing most of his hair on his right side. Not too much was known about his past except that he was probably born in mid-April to a stray. He was brought to the GBHS in late June and had been up for adoption for about two weeks. He was so playful and sweet.  We knew he was meant to be in our family. We took him home that day. His eyes were so expressive and he just looked like a Kermit so we decided to keep that as his name.

Life After Rescue:  Kermit is our first dog and he is such a character! He’s weirdly skittish about many things, especially large bags of leaves/trash. He didn’t bark until he was about 5 months old.  Now, he is constantly barking to alert us to potential intruders or to leaves falling on the ground. He loves food and waits patiently for handouts (mainly tomatoes and peppers) while we cook dinner.  Kermit loves to be social with people and dogs. We love taking him out around Birmingham to parks, restaurants, and breweries. We’re always looking for dog-friendly activities! I thought all dogs loved to cuddle but Kermit has never been one to snuggle close, so those moments when he lays his head on me in bed are precious.

Some people thought we were crazy to adopt a dog so soon after moving to a new city, but having Kermit has helped tremendously. My husband is from the area, but it was all brand new to me. Kermit has helped me get out of the house on walks and helped me meet new people (and their dogs). He has definitely changed my life for the better. Kermit turned me into a “crazy dog lady.” I have since started volunteering at the GBHS and would love to foster dogs in the (hopefully near) future.



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