Bham Rescue Success Stories (Feb 2017, Frank and Munchkin)


Name of Dog: Frank and Munchkin

Type of Breed: Dachshunds

Age When Rescued: Frank- 1 year; Munchkin- 1 ½ years

Current Age: Frank- 3 and Munchkin- Almost 4

Rescue Organization: Munchkin was rescued through a foster program, and Frank was rescued from the Animal Protection and Welfare Society.


Backstory: Frank was found wandering at a foster home, and Munchkin was surrendered by his owners because their English bulldog did not like him.  Munchkin was rescued first. He had severe separation anxiety when my husband and I would be at work during the day. He had so much anxiety that he would chew up anything that could shred easily. I truly believe that he thought we weren’t coming back, and it absolutely broke my heart to leave him every day.  As soon as we rescued Frank and they met for the first time, it was brotherly love at first sight!  Frank was there to keep Munchkin company during the day, until my husband was able to start working from home. Frank was exactly what Munchkin needed and they were both exactly what my husband and I needed.  Now, they are inseparable!


Life After Rescue:  Munchkin and Frank are really the center of our lives and they definitely know it!  They sleep in bed with us, because there really is no alternative for a dachshund! Munchkin and Frank enjoy being outside, digging and chasing tennis balls. They love bones, cuddling, walks, and begging for food!  They are also the inspiration behind my Etsy store, Wiener Brothers Co, where I design clothing for wiener dogs and their humans. They really have been an inspiration for us and really complete our little family. I can’t imagine life without them!


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