Bham Rescue Success Stories (Oct 2016, Piper)

Name:  Piper


Type of Breed: Dutch Shepherd mix

Age When Rescued: about 4 months old

Current Age: 2.5 years old

Rescue Organization: Two by Two Rescue

Backstory: Piper, formerly known as Marilyn, was rescued by Two by Two and fostered by a wonderful family. She was found crawling out of a trench covered in fleas and ticks and taken to her foster moms.  Many of the ticks had to be surgically removed as they were deeply embedded in her skin.


The day we adopted Piper!

Life After Rescue:  It took Piper about a month or so to get use to everything at our house. When we first brought her home, she was definitely afraid/nervous about her surroundings.  She was even afraid of getting in the car (which is now one of her favorite activities).  It was sad to see her so scared and even made us doubt our decision.  However, we decided to stick with our decision and just show her continuos love.  Needless to say, love won!  She is an amazing part of our lives. She is loyal, calm, and happy.  Her favorite activities are going on car rides, vacationing, sunbeams, and showing off her favorite sports teams. She loves other dogs but not so much other humans.  It takes her a long while to warm up to them.  We love our little Piper and couldn’t imagine our lives without her in it.


Piper loves vacations!

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