Dogs of Bham was created by two dog lovers, Lexi and Alicia, to bring together the dog lovin’ community of Birmingham, Alabama.  Check us out on Instagram and Twitter at @dogsofbham.  We are also on Facebook!

Email us at dogsofbham@mail.com

Lexi and Ringo

Ringo is a Blue Heeler and Catahoula mix.  He was rescued from a farm in Alabama.  He is wonderfully and lovingly cared for by Lexi.  You can check out his adventures on Instagram and Twitter @happy__ringo.


Alicia and Piper

Piper is a Dutch Shepherd mix.  She was adopted by Alicia and her husband from Two by Two Rescue on July 2014, at about four months old.  They love her to pieces and are so glad she is in their lives.  You can check out her adventures on Instagram @lil_ms_piper.



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