Adoption Pawtential: Fred

Hello world, meet Fred! He is a 5 yr old Boston Terrier who is looking for his furever home.

His Story: Fred was on sale for $20 on a Facebook yard sale not in the best of shape. Thankfully, he was rescued by a friend of Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue who brought Fred to their care. His eyes were dry and scarred from old ulcers that went untreated causing him to have vision impairment now. He has had a cherry eye removed and tested heart worm negative.

Currently, Fred is living with a foster family and is loving spending time with them and their Boston Terrier, Leia. He has been with them for four days and has not had an accident in his crate. Go Fred! Fred will be available for adoption in about a month to make sure he has completed all of his antibiotics and is completely ready and healthy for his furever home!

Fred’s foster sister Leia and him chillin on the sofa.

If you’re interested in adopting Fred, please contact his foster family (@leia_bostonprincess) or Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue.


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