Dog Park Etiquette 

The dog park is a fun place for dogs, and their owners, to mix and mingle.  It’s also a great place for dogs to burn a lot of energy.  However, if not prepared, it can also be a place of unfortunate mishaps.  It is important, as the dog owner, to prep your dog before going to the dog park.

Sidenote:  If you know your dog has nervous or aggressive behavior toward humans or other dogs, find a time to go to the park when there is not a crowd in order to eliminate dangerous situations.  Sometimes, socializing the dog in a dog park will not rid the dog of the nervous/aggressive behavior but worsen it.  For extreme aggressiveness, a professional trainer would be needed to address the behavior.  We must all work together to keep our furbabies safe.

Check out the info graphic below created by Scri(be) Inspired for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue for Dog Park Etiquette Tips.